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Congratulations to Dr. Herra Mendoza

Congratulations to Dr. Herra Mendoza for graduating and ringing the bell at the Graduate Studies office! We look forward to having you as a postdoctoral scholar in the laboratory!

Rett Syndrome Research Trust Highlights Beal Lab!

Link to article: 

Beal and David Lab Joint Happy Hour!

Congratulations Dr. Hannah Brinkman

Dr. Hannah Brinkman graduates with her Ph.D!

Second Years Passed Their Qualifying Exams!

Congratulations to (from left to right) Jeff Chang (Fisher lab), Randall Ouye, Natalie Dugan and Kristen Campbell!

Herra Mendoza selected as a Volman Fellow!

Congratulations Herra!

Charles joins the Beal Lab!

First year chemistry graduate student, Charles Seo, joins the Beal lab!

Congratulations Aashrita!


Aashrita Manjunath presented a fantastic third year seminar on testing a variety of chemically modified guide RNA’s to increase editing at poorly edited sites!

Congratulations Prince!

Prince Salvador gave fantastic third year seminar about his work on identifying unique guide RNA’s from an unbiased large library screen!

Pictures from ChemBio Retreat in Napa!

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