Postdoctoral positions Applicants should have carried out Ph.D. research in chemical biology, synthetic organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry. Research projects include synthesis of small molecule libraries, design of high-throughput screening assays and development of new RNA interference reagents. Biological questions addressed are in the areas of neurobiology, virology and cancer. Please send applications in electronic format to Prof. Peter Beal.


Positions for Ph.D. or M.S. students The Beal lab has graduate research positions available for students interested in organic synthesis and/or chemical biology. Students from either Chemistry or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology graduate groups at UC Davis should contact Prof. Beal via e-mail.


Positions for undergraduates Prof. Beal is enthusiastic about having undergraduates carrying out research in his labs. Interested UC Davis students must be currently taking (or have completed) lecture and laboratory courses in organic chemistry (CH128, CH118 or equivalent). Undergraduate students working in the Beal lab are expected to commit at least 20 hours per week for research. Interested students can contact Prof. Beal via email.