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New paper in ACS Chem Bio

Congratulations to Casey and co-workers on this paper describing an NGS-based, high-throughput screening method for guide RNAs for site-directed RNA editing using ADARs! Well done!


New paper in Biochemistry

Check out this neat work by Herra and co-workers on ADAR1-selective inhibition published in Biochemistry. Congratulations, everyone!

Congratulations, Hannah and Herra!

Congratulations to Hannah for winning the best oral presentation during the RNA Editing Gordon Research Seminar and to Herra for being selected as one of four best posters among 114 presenters during the RNA Editing Gordon Research Conference last March 19-24, 2023 at Ventura, CA!

Deaminet 2023 Highlights – Congratulations, Hannah!

A big congratulations to Hannah for winning 3rd Best Poster in the recently concluded 4th International Conference on Base Editing Enzymes and Applications (Deaminet 2023). Here are some photos of her receiving the award and presenting her poster, along with other oral (Herra) and poster (Agya, Casey, and Bailey) presenters from the Beal lab!


New book chapter on siRNA and anti-miR modifications

Check out Kevin’s new book chapter on Structure-Guided Optimization of siRNA and Anti-miRNA Properties in Handbook of Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids!

New paper in RSC Chem Bio

Check out our latest paper in RSC Chem Bio! This fantastic work by Hannah and team talks about nucleoside analogs that modulate ADAR editing of adenosine at 5′-UA sites. Way to go, guys!

New paper in NAR

Check out our latest paper in NAR! This work was made possible by the collaborative effort of these amazing people in the Beal and Fisher labs: Erin, Agya, Xander, Herra, Aashrita, and Victorio! Congratulations, everyone!

ADAR activation by inducing a syn conformation at guanosine adjacent to editing site

Natalie gets the NIH T32 Training Grant!

Natalie is one of three trainees awarded with the Chemical Biology Program training grant for the 2022-2023 academic year. During this fellowship, Natalie will be cross training with Dr. Igor Vorobyov, who works with voltage gated ion channels. Voltage gated ion channels are heavily edited by ADAR2, but the impact editing has on the channels is not well known. Natalie will be doing atomistic modeling of edited and non-edited channels to try to determine the impact editing has on these proteins.

Congratulations, Natalie!

Graduation of Dr. Erin Doherty!

Congratulations, Dr. Erin Doherty, on earning your Ph.D. degree! We’re excited to see you  continue your amazing work at the Doudna lab as a post-doctoral fellow. The Beal lab will always be proud of you!

Congratulations, Agya and Erin!

Congratulations to Agya for getting the Floyd and Mary Schwall Dissertation Year Fellowship in Medical Research and to Erin for receiving the David and Ruth Volman Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry! The Beal lab is so proud of you two!


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