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Leanna and Cody have fun at a chemistry photo shoot


Congrats Madeline!


Congrats to Madeline for participating in the 2016 Larock Undergraduate Conference!

ADAR2 crystal structure with bound dsRNA!

Congrats to Justin and Melissa for their work to illucidate the ADAR2d X-ray crystal structure bound to dsRNA.

Find the full article here!

ADAR2 crystal structure

New 7-EAA publication!



Congrats Eric on your new publication! Find the article here


Cody begins 10 week CAS9 project!

As a part of Cody’s Chembio fellowship, he will be doing a cross-training project with David Segal’s lab in the genome, where he will be working on CAS9 protein expression.

Segal lab page:

ACS San Diego! (Pete’s first selfie)

Great lunch after Pete’s talk at ACS-SD! Thanks Dalen (old Beal undergrad)  for stopping on by!


Group photo 2016!


Congrats to Scott for completing his third year seminar!

Beal & David Lab Holiday Party!


Outstanding Lab for Radiation Safety

The Beal lab has been awarded “Outstanding Lab status” by the Radiation Safety Committee. Thanks Rachel for keeping us safe!

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